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2 5-Hexadione CAS 110-13-4

Chemical Name: 2,5-Hexadione
CAS No.: 110-13-4
Appearance: light yellowish color liquid

Quick Details

Chemical Name: 2,5-Hexadione

Synonyms: Acetonylacetone; 2,5-hexanedione

CAS No.: 110-13-4

Molecular Fomula: C6H10O2

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular weight: 114.14

Appearance: light yellowish color liquid


Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Color Colorless to yellow transparent liquid
Assay ≥99.5%
Boiling point 188
Speciflc gravity 0.9690-0.9780
As.Content ≤3ppm
Heavymetal content ≤10ppm


1.Used as a high boiling point solvent for synthetic resins, nitro spray paints, colorants, printing inks, etc.

2.Used for leather tannin preparations, rubber vulcanization accelerators, insecticides and pharmaceutical raw materials

Packaging and Shipping



1.Stored in a cool, ventilated room.

2.Keep it away from fire and heat sources.

3.Prevent it from direct sunlight.

4.Keep the container sealed.

5.Stored separately from oxidants.

6.It should be lightly loaded and unloaded during handling to prevent damage.