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Strategy Introduction

The competition of modern enterprises is ultimately the competition of talents. With the expansion of the company's business scale and field, the company adheres to the "people-oriented" talent concept, follows the concept of "talent is the first resource of the enterprise and operates human resources in the market", and takes "enhancing the value of human resources" as the core goal. Implement the talent construction mechanism of "both internal training and external introduction", adopt various forms and methods to introduce talents, and at the same time pay attention to the cultivation of existing talents. In terms of employee remuneration, the company implements performance appraisal for all employees, introduces market pressure and a fair competition mechanism within the company, and implements a salary system that combines post function salary and performance bonus to maximize the enthusiasm of employees. The company will strive to create a living atmosphere of "respect for knowledge and talents"; create a working atmosphere of "equal opportunities and self-motivation"; not only to retain talents, but also to attract talents extensively, establish a talent echelon, and provide the development of the company's business Sufficient personnel guarantee.

Strategic Target

Human resources are the most important strategic resource of our Insen Chemicals. The quality of human resources depends on the quality of each company's employees. Therefore, the company is building three core teams of the enterprise: