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Safety Production Principle
  • Principle of safety one vote veto system
  • Hidden danger investigation and treatment, closed-loop management principle
  • Production management must be in charge of safety. Whoever is in charge is responsible
  • Principle of full participation
  • Territorial management principle​​​​​​​

  • The principle of seeking truth from facts and not concealing or falsely reporting all accidents

Safety is the lifeline

Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment, people-oriented, full participation and continuous improvement
Introduce DuPont safety management project, adjust measures to local conditions, step by step, systematize and scientific, move towards essential safety, pay attention to the guidance of safety awareness, the improvement of safety atmosphere, the integration of safety environment and the enhancement of safety skills, focus on promoting the implementation of main responsibilities, guide employees to consciously and actively participate in it, and create a bottom-up Active and spontaneous "I want to be safe" good atmosphere.