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Basic Information of Methyl disulfide

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Dimethyl disulfide - Properties

Pale yellow transparent liquid. Insoluble in water, miscible with ethanol, ether, acetic acid. There is a foul smell. The relative density is 1.0625, and the boiling point is 109.7°C. Melting point -85°C. 5250。 Refractive index 1. 5250.

Production Method

From the role of dimethyl sulfate and sodium disulfide derived. Add sulfur powder into the sodium sulfide solution under stirring, raise the temperature to 80-90°C, react th, cool down to about 30°C; drop dimethyl sulfate into the reaction kettle, continue to react for 2h, then distill, stand and separate , After separating out the waste lye, it is then distilled to obtain the finished product.


This product is used as solvent, catalyst passivator, pesticide intermediate, coking inhibitor, etc.


Mice died after inhaling 25mg/L of this product for 25min. The dead animals showed liver changes, renal congestion, and bronchopneumonia. Easy to damage the central nervous system, but less toxic. Operators should wear protective equipment.

This product is packed in aluminum drum or polyethylene drum. The aluminum drum is 100kg, the polyethylene drum is 3kg, 5kg or 20kg, and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry pla

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