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Beta Mannanase Cas 37288-54-3

Appearance: Yellow powder
Sample: available

Quick Details

Chemical Name: Beta mannanase

CAS No.:37288-54-3

Appearance: yellow powder

Typical Properties

AppearanceYellow powder
Activity (u/g)≧50000
Particle size

(Pass rate of 40 mm)≧

Loss on drying% ≦8.0
Cd  mg/kg≦0.5
As  mg/kg≦3.0
Pb mg/kg ≦10
Coliform group MPN/100g≦3000
Salmonella 25gNegative
Aflatoxin B1 ug/kg ≦10

1. Acidic Beta-mannanase is produced by submerged fermentation and extraction of Bacillus lentus. It is widely used in feed, health food and other fields.

2. The mannan oligosaccharides produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of beta-mannan are functional sugars, which can promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria and inhibit pathogenic bacteria.

3. In the health food industry, the substrate was added into the solution containing the enzyme under stirring conditions, so that the final substrate concentration was 5%-20%, pH 4.0-5.0, temperature was 50-55 C, enzyme activity was 50 000 U/mL, reaction time was 4 H-12 h, conversion rate was about 50%.

4. Beta-mannan can eliminate the anti-nutritional effect of beta-mannan in feed. Adding this enzyme in diet can improve feed conversion efficiency and immune function. The recommended dosage of 10-20 g/t is the full price material (enzyme activity 50000 U/g).

Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/drum

Delivery: delivery within 3-5working days


Avoiding light and drying.