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Hazardous Waste Pollution Prevention Responsibility Information Disclosure

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Pollution prevention and accident prevention measures taken during storage:

Standardized in accordance with the temporary storage management standards of hazardous waste, different substances are stored in different categories, the ground is anti-corrosion, and diversion grooves are added to directly

Connect to the accident emergency pool one after another, and conduct regular drills in accordance with the hazardous waste emergency plan to prevent hazardous waste leakage accidents.

Emergency measures: When hazardous waste leaks, the employee who first discovers the accident should make a preliminary assessment and confirm the accident, immediately notify the on-site emergency management personnel by phone, and control the source of the accident if possible to prevent the accident from worsening. During storage and transportation, if the operator finds that the dangerous object leaks during the inspection, corresponding measures should be taken immediately to deal with it.

On-site emergency personnel must be equipped with emergency labor protection equipment, wear protective masks, protective gloves, etc., and conduct on-site inspections in strict accordance with the hazardous waste emergency plan and hazardous waste management system.

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