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Introduction to flame retardants

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Flame retardant is a functional auxiliary that can make some flammable polymers difficult to burn. It is mainly a product designed for the flame retardancy of some polymer materials. There are many types of them. According to the method of use, they can be divided into additive flame retardants and reactive flame retardants. Additive flame retardants can be mechanically mixed in the process of mechanical production. Added to polymers, so that some polymers become flame retardant. Today, the editor will lead you into the world of flame retardants, and introduce its related knowledge and classification.

From the above, we can know that flame retardants can increase the flame resistance of some polymer materials, and are mainly used in polymer materials, such as plastic fibers and rubber. Most of these materials can be burned originally, especially plastics will burn immediately when they encounter fire, so if they can be applied to electrical equipment, construction, transportation, aerospace, flight and other aspects, Just urgently need to solve its combustibility this problem. Therefore, the use of flame retardants generally needs to meet several conditions. They are heat resistance, improve mechanical strength, and not reduce the physical properties of the polymer material itself. The temperature generated during decomposition should not be too high. , but in the process of processing, it must not decompose at the processing temperature, and at the same time, it must have good durability in the process of use, and the most important thing is that it must be of high quality and low price.

Generally speaking, organic flame retardants have relatively strong affinity and are used in plastics. Brominated flame retardants have certain advantages in organic flame retardant systems. Nowadays, flame retardant science and technology, in order to better adapt to the needs of our daily life, prevent fires, and protect the lives of every user. Flame retardants have made flame retardant technology fully utilized in actual life. It is widely used in the flame retardant processing of various decoration materials. When attacked by an external fire source, it can effectively prevent the spread of flames and achieve the effect of flame retardant.

Flame retardants are divided into two categories: physically mixed additive flame retardants and chemically bonded reactive flame retardants. I hope that after reading this article, everyone can have a basic understanding of it and know what it does.

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