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Job Duties:

1、To carry out safety work under the leadership of EHS Department (Safety and Environment Department).
2、Organise or participate in the formulation of the unit's production safety rules and regulations, operating procedures and production safety accident emergency rescue plans.
3、Organise or participate in the production safety education and training of the unit, and keep accurate records of the production safety education and training.
4、Supervise the implementation of safety management measures for the unit's major sources of danger.
5、Check the unit's safety production situation, timely investigation of production safety accident hazards, and put forward proposals to improve safety production management.
6, to stop and correct the violation of rules and regulations, forced to risky operations, violations of operating procedures.
7、Supervise the implementation of the unit's safety production rectification measures.
8、Participate in the company's safety standardization and double prevention system continuous improvement work.

Job Requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above in safety and related majors, 2-3 years of safety management experience in chemical industry, with registered safety engineer certificate (education and profession not limited) is preferred.
2, familiar with national safety-related laws and regulations, national standards and industry standards.
3、With good professional ability and communication ability, able to complete daily safety management work independently.
4、Healthy, decent conduct, loyalty to the enterprise, strong sense of responsibility, hard-working spirit.
5、Can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software skillfully.
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