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1 3 5 Trimethylhexahydro 1 3 5 Triazine Cas 108-74-7

Production name: 1 3 5 Trimethylhexahydro 1 3 5 Triazine
Cas No.:108-74-7
Molecular Formula:C6H15N3
AppearanceColorless or light yellow transparent liquid
(1% aqueous solution)
Refractive index1.360-1.460


(MMA) Trimethyl-s-triazine SSHN-02 is a cyclic triamine which is a fungicide and also It is a very good desulfurizer for oilfield crude oil and natural gas(biogas desulfurizer & crude oil desulfurizer). It is mainly used as Scavenger for acid gases such as H 2 S and mercaptans in gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon streams.

SSHN-02 series of crude oil desulfurizers have oil-soluble-water-dispersing characteristics, and can have all-round effects on oil, water, gaseous H2S and organic sulfur;

The dosage is small, the reaction is fast, the desulfurization effect is remarkable, and the reduction range is large. The amount added is 2‰–6‰ Suitable for sour crude oil of various properties; After the reaction of the crude oil desulfurizer, the product has stable performance, is not easy to decompose when heated, and can be biodegraded; the product is a water-soluble and stable organic polysulfide compound, which is discharged with water after being treated by the demulsification and dehydration process of the joint station-it can be injected back into the oil well, Or discharged into the wastewater treatment plant, not brought into the refinery along with the crude oil.

The product has almost no corrosion to steel; In the environment of multiple media, it has good selectivity to H2S and high sulfur removal efficiency; The product does not contain salt and is not easy to cause salt precipitation; The filling process is simple. Dosing is mainly through metering pumps, which consumes very little energy; the desulfurization agent can undergo desulfurization reaction at room temperature, and the process of eliminating hydrogen sulfide is an exothermic process, which generally does not require energy consumption. Requirements for downstream devices: It is not easy to cause salt formation and corrosion; it does not affect the activity of the catalyst.


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.