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Calcium Beta Hydroxy Beta Methylbutyrate Cas 135236-72-5

Production name: Calcium Beta Hydroxy Beta Methylbutyrate
Cas No.:135236-72-5
Molecular Formula:C10H18CaO6
Molecular Weight: 274.32


AppearanceWhite crystalline powderWhite crystalline powder
Water-solublePure without depositPure without deposit
Ca Assay12-16%12-16%
HMB Assay79-92.1%79-92.1%
Total Content≥99.0%≥99.0%
3,3-Dimethylacrylic acid≤11pm≤11pm
Residue of Ethyl acetate≤10ppm≤10ppm
Loss on drying≤7.0%≤3.0%
Heavy metal≤10ppm≤10ppm
As Assay≤1ppm≤1ppm
Residue on lgnition≤0.2%≤0.2%
Total plate count≤1000cfu/g≤1000cfu/g


HMB calcium plays an important role in the synthesis of protein in muscular tissue, it can promote the growth of muscle cell.
HMB can reduce body fat, reduce the consumption of muscle protein, increase exercise intensity and endurance.
HMB can also enhance immune function, reduce serum cholesterol, reduce disease, boost health and improve living.


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.