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Denatonium benzoate cas 3734-33-6

Production name: Denatonium benzoate
Cas No.:3734-33-6
Molecular Formula:C28H34N2O3
Molecular weight: 446.58
Test ItemsSpecification
AppearanceWhite powder
A.IR Concordant with ReferenceComplies
B.UV Concordant with ReferenceComplies
C.Test Solution forms yellow precipitateComplies
D.Denatonium Reinecate Melting PointApprox 170℃
Melting range163-170℃
Loss on dryingNot more than 1.0%
Residue on IgnitionNot more than 0.1%
ChlorideNot more than 0.2%


1.This product is used as a flavoring agent.

2. Benzodiazepine is currently known as the most bitter compound in the world. If the hardness of quinine is set to the benchmark 1, the bitterness of this product is 1000, the concentration is 10ppm, for most people. It is already unbearable, and most of its applications are related to its bitterness. It is an inexpensive and efficient alternative to saponin, lignin, quinine, koji, and pomelo.

3. Benzodiazepine is commonly used as an aversive agent to prevent people from ingesting other toxic but odorless substances. For example, it is added to industrial alcohol, glycol or methanol similar to the taste of ordinary wine, antifreeze, paint, toilet cleaner, animal dispersant, liquid soap and shampoo, in addition to special nail polish In the agent, it is used to avoid the bad habits of children biting nails, and the repellent for expelling large beasts.


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.