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Dipentaerythritol Cas 126-58-9

Production name: Dipentaerythritol
Cas No.:126-58-9
Molecular Formula:C10H22O7
Molecular Weight: 254.28

test itemsindicators
Dipentaerythritol(Di-PE) mass fraction/% ≥
Pentaerythritol mass fraction/% ≤
Three pentaeruthritol mass fraction/% ≤
Ignition residue mass fraction/% ≤
dry reduction mass fraction/% ≤
hydroxy mass fraction/%39.5~40.538.0~40.038.0~40.0
Final Melting Point/℃≥210205205
Phthalic acid resin chromaticity/(FeCoCu standard color solution)No. ≤122


1.As an important fine chemical intermediate, it is regarded as the middle and high end product of pentaerythritol, which is mainly used in high-end coatings industry.

2.Production of polyether, polyester, polyurethane, high-grade alkyd resin and photosensitive resin film

3.Used in advanced aviation lubricating oil

4.Used as a stainless steel color plate, advanced granite spray maskwithstrong adhesive force, friction resistanceandageing resistance


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.