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L-Menthol Crystal Cas 2216-51-5

Production name: L-Menthol Crystal
Cas No.:2216-51-5
Molecular Formula:C10H20O
Molecular Weight: 156.27


IdentificationColorless, transparent hexagonal or needlelike crystals.
Melting point41~44℃About43℃
Solubility1g soluble in 5ml of 90%(v/v)alcohol, forming a clear solution
Specific rotation-45°~-51°About-50°
Limit of nonvolatile residueNot overrun 0.05 under condition of 105℃
Organic volatile impuritiesSolvent-Use dimethyl sulfoxide
Chromatographic purityThe peak response due to menthol is not less than 97%
As content≤3ppm
Heavy metals≤10ppm
Residue on ignition≤0.1%
Related substancesExamine by gas chromatography


Menthol is a flavoring that is allowed to be used in China. It is mainly used for the flavoring of toothpaste, candy and beverages.


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.