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Lauryl Hydroxysultaine CAS 13197-76-7

Production name: Lauryl Hydroxysultaine
Cas No.:13197-76-7
Molecular Formula:C17H37NO4S
Molecular Weight: 351.54


AppearanceLight yellow clean liquid
Solid content %35min
Active matter %29-31
Free amine %Max. 0.5
Sodium chloride %Max. 7.0
Color (APHA)Max.60

Lauryl Hydroxysultaine Features

The product has excellent thickening properties, especially for fatty acid soaps; it has low irritation and bactericidal properties, and the compatibility can significantly improve the softness, conditioning and low-temperature stability of washing products; it has good Calcium soap dispersibility and hard water resistance;

The product has better mildness and foam stability, high foaming performance in a wide pH range, and good foam stability; it is non-toxic, less irritating, and does not contain harmful ingredients.

Lauryl Hydroxysultaine Applications

It is widely used in middle and high grade shampoos and body washes; it is the main ingredient for preparing mild baby shampoos, baby foam baths, and baby skin care products; it is an excellent soft conditioner in hair care and skin care formulations; it can also be used as a detergent , Wetting agent, thickener, antistatic agent and bactericide, etc.

It can be used in oilfield exploitation. Its main function is as a viscosity reducer, oil-displacing agent and foaming agent, making full use of its surface activity to infiltrate, penetrate, and strip the crude oil in the oil-bearing mud to improve the three-phase recovery


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.