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Pentachlorothiophenol cas 133-49-3

Production name: Pentachlorothiophenol
Cas No.:133-49-3
Molecular Formula:C6HCl5S
Molecular Weight:282.4
AppearanceLight yellow or grayish white powder
Melting point(℃)210-240
AppearanceLight yellow or grayish white powder


1. The product reacts with zinc sulfate solution to form zinc pentachlorothiophenol, which can be used as a plasticizing accelerator for natural rubber. It has significant chemical promotion effect for high and low temperature use, and is suitable for open mills and internal mixers.

2. The zinc pentachlorothiophenol has no effect on the physical properties, aging properties and chlorine smell of the vulcanizate, so it can be used for light-colored products.

3. It can also be used as a peptizer for rubbers containing unsaturated bonds such as natural rubber, cis-butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene or butyl rubber. Good plasticity at low temperatures and small amount of sulfur has a stopping effect on its plastication.


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.