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Sodium caprylate cas 1984-06-1

Production name: Sodium caprylate
Cas No.:1984-06-1
Molecular Formula:C8H15NaO2
Molecular Weight: 166.19


AppearanceWhite crystals or crystalline powder
IdentificationMeets the requirements
Heavy metals(Pb)≤5ppm
Chromatographic purityNot more than 0.3% of any impurity isfound;Not more than 0.5% of total impuritiesis found


In the pharmaceutical industry, sodium octoate is contained in a biological preparation (human albumin) as an inactive ingredient. Biologically advanced acid salts are generally used for the special selection of strains. The reason for the use of salts is that salts have greater solubility than the higher acids themselves. And the pH is better adjusted. For example, when cultivating bacteria that can decompose octanoic acid, sodium octanoate is required to be added to the medium. In the field of chemistry: sodium octanoate can be used to obtain high purity n-heptane by decarboxylation.


It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.