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Solvent Blue 78 / Disperse Blue 14 cas 2475-44-7

Production name: Solvent Blue 78
Molecular Formula: C16H14N2O2
Molecular Weight: 266.29
Packing: 25KG Drum
Melting point(°C)220-222
Boiling point(°C)409.5(rough estimate)
Density1.1262 (rough estimate)
Refractive index1.6240 (estimate)
Acidity coefficient (pKa)5.78±0.20(Predicted)

Solvent Blue 78 Usage

Mainly used for coloring the original pulp of various plastics, resins and polyester

Solvent Blue 78 Packaging and Storage


The warehouse is ventilated, low temperature and dry; stored separately from food ingredients