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Zinc chloride cas 7646-85-7

Production name: Zinc chloride
Molecular Formula:Cl2Zn
Molecular Weight:136.3
AppearanceWhite powder or pellet
Zinc Chloride content %≥98.0
Basic salt content(as ZnO) %≤2.0
Sulphate content (as SO4) %≤0.01
Ba %≤0.1
Lead (Pb) %≤0.0005
Zinc corrosion testPass
Water content %≤0.13
Solution clarificationPass

Zinc chloride Usage

1.Used as dehydrating agent agent, polyacrylonitrile solvent, mordant for printing and dyeing, mercerizing agent sizing agent, synthetic activity and cationic dyes,etc.

2.Used as dehydrating agent, catalyst, mordant, sizing agent, weight increasing agent and antiseptic.

3.Also used in electroplating, dye, medicine, pesticides and other industries.

Zinc chloride Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/bag

Delivery: By sea, by air, by courier, etc.

Zinc chloride Storage

Store in ventilated low-temperature and drying warehouse.