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Tert-Butyl Bromoacetate CAS 5292-43-3

Assay: 99%
Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
Packaging: 200kgs/Drum or by customed
Sample: available

Quick Detail

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid

CAS: 5292-43-3

MF: C6H11BrO2

MW: 195.05

EINECS: 226-133-6

Chemical Structure: Tert-Butyl Bromoacetate CAS 5292-43-3


Item Method of Analysis Standard
Appearance Visual test Colorless transparent liquid
Purity GC ≥99%
Moisture KARL.FISCHER ≤4000PPM
PH 1:1Aqueous Solution 6.0-8.0
Conclusion Pass


1.Tert-butyl bromoacetate is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate for the synthesis of amino acids and peptide compounds.

2.A conventional alkylating agent for synthesizing a collagenase inhibitor (S, S, R)-(-)-actinonin; a t-butyl acetate intermediate, and the like.


200kgs/Drum or by customed


Store at cool.