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Trichloroethylene cas 79-01-6

  • Ensince Industry


Chemical Name: Trichloroethylene

CAS No.: 79-01-6

Molecular Fomula: C2HCl3

Molecular weight: 131.39

Appearance: colorless oily liquid

Assay: 99.9%

TrichloroethyleneTypical Properties

Color(Hazen Pt-Co color index)≤15
Density p20℃(g/cm3)1.460-1.466
Acidity (%,HCL),orAlkalinity (%,NaOH)≤0.001≤0.025
Evaporation residue(%)≤0.005
Free chlorineNONE
Acidity after oxidation(%)≤0.02


For the manufacture of indigo and other dyes, the production of monochloroacetic acid, is an important industrial solvent for metal detergents, dry cleaning agents, agricultural pesticides and so on. Used as a non-flammable solvent and analytical reagent.

Extraction solvent. Mainly used for decaffeization of coffee, etc., excellent solvent, used as metal surface treatment agent, electroplating, paint before the cleaning agent, metal degreasing agent and fat, oil, paraffin extractant. For organic synthesis, pesticide production. Trichlorethylene for the production of tetrachlorethylene can be used as anthelmintics; for the production of hexachloroethane, as a veterinary anthelmintic, to control ruminant mammals and leech disease, gonorrhea and nematode disease. For chemical cleaning, industrial degreasing, chemical raw materials.


280kgs per drum


The warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature; it is stored separately from food additives.